Oh, Sotto.

Please, for the love of all that is holy, just admit your mistakes and apologize and, if possible, step down and stop speaking. Don’t treat the Filipino people as ignorant little shits, especially in this day and age.

His speech about the Reproductive Health Bill, which was delivered last 13th of August, was discovered to have parts copied, word for word, from The Healthy Home Economist blog. When confronted with the discovery, he just said, “Why would I quote that blogger? She’s just a blogger.” He goes on to say that, “You have a blog, it is meant to be shared, it’s in the public domain, so it’s not plagiarism.

He’s caught red-handed and he doesn’t even have the common sense to admit his mistake apologize. Oh no, he is above that. The people found out about it, so why not do it again, right?

Yep, he did it again.

Just today, part of his speech against the RH Bill was copied and translated from Robert F. Kennedy’s Day of Affirmation Address. His defense now? “Marunong palang managalog si Kennedy ah.

The whole world unites in a collective facepalm, dear senator.


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